September 15, 2008

My little man is 4 months old!

How in the world have 4 months gone by already?? This sweet little boy is getting so big! He is starting to look like a little boy already. I can remember when he was so small that he would fit right in one of my arms. Now he hangs off my lap completlely when I hold on to him. My hand won't even fit all the way around his leg! We go to the Dr. on Wednesday, but I'm sure he is at least 17 lbs!!

He can lift himself up and rest on his elbows. Still not that interested in rolling over, but we are working on it. He shreiks and babbles when I sing to him (I'm sure he's telling me how awful I sound), and smiles all the time. He loves when we sing songs and play with his animal books. Since he found his hands, they are in his mouth constantly.
Since early July, Bryce has been nice enough to sleep through the night. He just got through his first week of sleeping in his own room! We all had to do a little adjusting, but it seems to be working out for the best. Now I just need to separate myself from the darn monitor. All in all, this boy is amazing. I love watching him look around and check things out. He is one cool kiddo!!!

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