September 3, 2008

Unfinished projects...slowly making progress!

Our bedroom still has nothing hanging on the walls. There is one wall that sticks out because of the fireplace directly below our room, so I thought I would cover that wall with the vases we had at our old house. I still have to get different flowers, but at least the square is painted, and the vases are hung. Baby steps!!!

Bryce's room is no where near finished. Well, it's not like he even sleeps in there yet, but I would love it to look like he does! :) There is nothing hung on the walls, no curtains or blinds etc. I've had these letters painted and sitting on the floor since he was born. I finally got around to hanging them up last week!

I've been trying to get my "scrapbook room" together. I still have to get around to painting in there, but in the meantime, I got all my stuff organized. Well, mostly organized. Last week I ordered an amazing table from Target and it should be here soon. I can't wait!! I have not even started scrapbooking anything for Bryce's album...shame on me! He's already 4 months old!

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