February 18, 2009

Not much going on here...

I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I have the most non-eventful blog. I love being able to follow the blogs of others who update every day. It helps pass the time and gives me something to do. I'm not sure why everyone else appears to have such interesting lives, but when you do the SAME thing every day (which is almost always nothing!), there is not much to "blog" about! I mean really, besides me (ok-and my mom) who wants to see pictures of Bryce EVERY single day?

Maybe I should start making up stories of crazy and interesting things that happen to us. Then maybe you can decide for yourselves whether they are true or not?? Hhhhmmmm... that's not a bad idea. For those of you (all 3 of you) who actually do read this, sorry we don't have more interesting things to share with you! Maybe if you stay tuned you might be in for some really great stories! Until then, I hope your day is full of more excitement than mine :)

1 comment:

Sara said...

I would like to see more pics of Bryce!!
I love when you write "not me Monday" thats my favorite. Its so funny!