February 25, 2009

This is RANDOM- our weekend, some amazing pizza and a new buddy!

Saturday was a very lazy day around our house. I feel like I keep saying that lately?? Anyway, it was a crazy blizzard outside all day, so we didn't do much. Oh yeah, Dan went to the gym for 4 hours...don't even get me started. Whatever. So I made the executive decision that everyone was staying home for the rest of the day to be miserable. Dan suggested we make pizzas for dinner, and let me say...yum!

This was the Buffalo Wing pizza. We stole this idea from Bernio's Pizza in Muskegon. It's Boboli Bread crust with a layer of Frank's red hot, then lots of Mozzarella cheese, boneless buffalo chicken wings, baked, then topped with celery and ranch dressing! OMG, it was amazing. I don't recommend using light ranch dressing though. Just go for the bad stuff. It's not like we were trying to eat "light".

Then we make a classic pizza with pizza dough, sauce, pepperoni, cheese, green pepper and onion. eeehhh, this one was ok. I ate the heck out of the buffalo pizza instead.

Then Sunday, we went to the Duffner's house to visit Aiden. They got home last week after a very scary week or so. We are so glad Aiden is doing well and home from the hospital. Bryce is so excited for him to get big so they can play together!

How did he get so big? I don't even remember Bryce being this small? He looks like a monster compared to Aiden! :)

One more random thing to wrap it up. Bryce can scoot up these stairs before I even realize he went anywhere. Seriously, we need to get some baby gates up in this house! Look at him go!

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Sara, your pizza looks amazing!! I'm drooling over your Wing pizza. I want it for dinner. Too bad I already ate. :( You really should go check out that blog above. She's wickedly funny.