August 26, 2010

Smile :) **updated**

*Original post March 13, 2009

I swear, he was not hurt to get this picture. This is the only way to see "the tooth".
Bryce is on tooth #3. The first two were on the bottom, then one day I was feeling in his mouth, and there was this crazy top tooth off to the side...WHAT? Then I remembered a picture I had of Dan when he was a baby. (see below) He is getting his teeth just like his daddy did! Could this kid be MORE like his dad or what?? What's the deal? They are identical! Too bad Dan didn't carry him for 9 months...
Dan circa 1981
Bryce 2009 (you can't see the tooth, that's why I needed the photo above!)
Seriously?  Now she is starting to look just like them too!?!?   I don't stand a chance.  These kids are Petersons, through and through.


Sara said...

LOL! Thats so cute! They do look a lot a like! That's crazy Bryce is getting teeth at different times like Dan!

Michelle said...

Emily got those teeth first too. I was so worried she would look like a crazy vampire baby. Her front teeth are just now coming in.