April 2, 2009

Naples Florida March 2009

Ok, I'm finally getting around to posting about our trip to Florida 2 weeks ago. (wow, it seems like MUCH longer than 2 weeks ago!)

Documenting the frigid temperature as we drove to the airport. 80 degrees here we come!

Of all the cars we could have rented, THIS is what we ended up with. I hated this vehicle. Please notice the suicide doors and no windows in the back seat. Guess who had to sit back there all the time?

Out to dinner at The Boat House just before sunset.
Darcy and Sarah

The boys thought they were pretty sneaky and secretly made plans for us the last day we were down there. They found a marina that charters sailboats. This was great.
We didn't see Manatees, but we did catch a picture of a dolphin!

What I love most about this picture is how my thigh actually hangs over the side of the hammock. Awesome.

Our Captain Kelly. He totally reminded me of Kenny Chesney. Livin the dream on a boat all day. And tiny as can be :) Too bad he took his hat off. Spitting image! Well, kind of.
Darcy with his new "Brad Paisley Shirt"
Dan (my straight husband) drinking his key lime martini that matched his shirt. Wow!?!

Last day...before we packed up and headed for the airport. You can tell how excited everyone is to go home :(

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Heidi said...

How can you not love a man eating a key lime martini with a coordinating shirt. He's secure. And fyi, you would be wondering what hammock? if my thigh was hanging over it. You are such a cutie.