December 7, 2009

Not Me! Monday

As I reach for the toothbrush this morning while Bryce yells "mo-peez, mo-peez" wanting more toothpaste on his toothbrush, I did not accidentally grab the wrong toothbrush and use the old one that I allow him to play with and actually brush my teeth with it. I'm sure that toothbrush has never been on the floor, in his mouth, under the sink, who knows where else. Good thing I did not put that gnarly thing in my mouth and actually brush my teeth with it!

At Bryce's 18month well visit today, I absolutely did not flat out lie to the pediatrician when she asked how much t.v. I allow him to watch. Nope, not me! We play games and read books all day long and do nothing but educational things. No t.v. here!

I did not give my child a girl scout cookie this afternoon that was older than he is.

Last week I was walking back up the driveway after grabbing the mail and I did not look up to find my child pant-less and shoe-less standing in the middle of the driveway with the biggest most proud smile I have ever seen. I did not accidentally leave the door open a crack which allowed him to "escape" from the house in 35 degree weather.

That same day, I did not find that same child with the oven door wide open sitting on it and reaching inside.

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mgm616 said...

Hi Sara. Sounds like a normal day. Keep rockin!!! Dad.