December 15, 2009

not me! tuesday

Ok, so monday flew by and I forgot to post my not me! monday, so here is the tuesday edition:

Due to my lack of sleep, I do not doze off at random times of the day. I certainly did not fall asleep the other morning and wake up to a sloshing sound, only to look up and see Bryce with my once full coffee mug upside down on the carpet. Nice.

I did not eat 3 of Dan's birthday cupcakes yesterday. Plain and simple...I did not!

I keep forgetting that Bryce can now reach all counter tops in the house. We were in the bathroom while I got ready and I did not see him holding a tub of Bed Head hair paste in his hand while he took a big fingerfull of the yummy blue goo and shoved it right in his mouth. It also was not his 2nd or 3rd fingerfull by the time I noticed.

I did not discover that I have been doing a piss poor job bathing my sweet little girl when I did not find a horrific chunk of disgusting-ness behind her ear. I will not go into detail, but it was gross, even for me. (Sorry Syd)

I have not been lulling myself back to sleep after those 2am or 3am feedings to the Soapnet channel. I do not watch Soap Operas and eat cupcakes all day. Nope! Not me!

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MelArcile said...

Oh yeah, that's me. I never eat horrible food and watch soap operas... Ahem.