January 15, 2010

38 degrees

Holy crap it's a heat wave! When I saw that it was 38 degrees I had to take the kids outside. I swear I'm turning into a shut-in, and we have a serious case of cabin fever. (and it's only January...great)
Most days, this......is my idea of getting out of the house...seriously!

I got everyone all bundled up (except me?) and we took a little walk outside.
Sydney got to try out her new snow suit. This is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. (Anyone remember "The Christmas Story"?)
I talked Bryce into riding in his car so we could move a little faster. That boy doesn't move too fast in snow pants.
Of course he didn't last too long, and had to get out and push all by himself.
Sydney slept the entire time.
We wrote Bryce's name in the snow on the deck...can you see it?
Fun was had by all. At least I hope so, because that is probably the last time we go outside for the rest of the winter...kidding! (not really)

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MelArcile said...

Hey, do you feel like meeting at the mall for a walk again? Maybe next week? Tuesday, Thursday and Friday work for me. Let me know! I love excuses to get out of the house.