January 25, 2010

Not Me! Monday

It's been a while since my last not me! post, so I'll fess up to some of the things that have "not" been happening around here...

This weekend, our dinners did not consist of El Burrito Mexican restaurant, Vitale's Pizza and Hamburger Helper. I am such a great cook that I always whip up some amazing meals from scratch.
Walking through the bathing suits at Target yesterday, I did not hear Bryce saying "boobies, boobies, boobies"...Where would that come from??? (seriously, I don't know what that was about? Is he really paying that much attention when I nurse Syd?)

I did not dragBold both kids with me to the doctor on friday to find out what was going on with my throat, only to have to wait for almost 40 minutes for someone to come in and see me. I did not allow Bryce to play with tongue depressors, cotton swabs, and draw all over the pamphlets in the exam room because I was so annoyed. I also did not watch him(and take a picture to post on facebook) play with the drawer of plastic speculums. I was not horrified they were not in sterile packaging so snot nosed 2 yeaBoldr olds can get their grubby hands all over them. Glad that is not my OB!
I did not realize the other day it had been over a week since my poor baby had a bath...oops
I have not been playing with my new BlackBerry phone constantly, which is not my biggest pet peeve that my husband used to do. I certainly did not get car sick last night because I had to check facebook statuses.
**( I did not misspell about 17 words in this post when I hit spell check! My brain is not turning to mush being home with babies all day)

Hop over to MckMama's site to read some more not me posts. It really is refreshing to know that it's not just me!

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