February 11, 2010

Pretty much the greatest invention ever!

I tried something today that may have changed my LIFE (...ok, that might be a little dramatic, but it sure changed the way I will be doing my grocery shopping in the near future!)

We got a letter in the mail from the marketing gurus at Meijer selling us on their "convenient online grocery shopping service". I could try it for "only a penny". Alright I'll bite!

I often asked myself while I was pregnant with Syd: How in the world do I grocery shop with Bryce in the front of the cart, and an infant carseat in the back? To be totally honest, I've only done it twice in 4 months :) This is UH-MAZ-ING!

You just go to the website and grocery shop in your PJ's while drinking coffee and watching Blue's Clues. You pick a time when you want to pick it up and submit.

Throw on boots and a coat over your PJ's, and don't brush your teeth. Drive to Meijer down the road.
Pull up in one of their Pimp @$$ VIP front row spots and call your "personal shopper" to let them know you are there to pick up your order. :) I'm not kidding!
(BTW, the caption under the phone number says "Don't bother getting out of your car. Your shopping has already been done". That is what I'm talking about!)

Pay the nice girl that wheels out your food, and this is what it looks like when you get home!

Are you kidding me? It's that easy? They have had this service for over a year...what the heck took me so long?
Now if only they put it away for you and cooked something with it. I need to talk to those Marketing Gurus. Why can't everything in life be this easy?

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