April 9, 2010

Easter Pictures

I have been quite the slacker about updating this blog lately. Not than anyone really reads it besides a small yet faithful group of relatives...or that there is anything interesting to read...anyway, here are a few pictures from Easter last weekend.
Is this girl adorable or what? (This is actually a few days before Easter, but I seem to have forgotten to take any pictures of her on Easter...oops)
Our neighborhood had a little Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.

Bryce was into it!

Then on Sunday...he found more Eggs at Grandma and Papa's house. Good thing, because the Easter Bunny seemed to have forgotten our house?

Obsessed with Tractors!! This tractor was over at the farm and Bryce was loving it. By the way, these are the shots you get when you stay inside with the baby because of the Huricane Katrina-type-winds and you give the camera to your husband. Yup...two pictures.


Sara McKee said...

Wow! Sydney is getting so big! Love the pics of Bryce eating his chocolate. I have been the biggest blog slacker!

MelArcile said...

I read too!! :) Glad to see pictures of your boys. I still haven't posted Easter pictures yet...

MelArcile said...

Can you tell that I'm used to writing "boys" instead of "kids". Oops!