June 11, 2010

Little Letters

dear summer,
i'm so glad you are here.  i've missed you.

dear target,
could you please stop being so irresistable with your cute things and great deals.  i'm approaching a dangerous balance this month and I partly blame you.

dear discover card,
could you please disguise some of my transactions as "grocery", or maybe "gasoline" each month.  {see above letter}

dear lady at meijer who told her daughter that "she could not have Dora yogurt because it is not healthy" as I was picking up Dora yogurt at putting in my cart for my kid,
bite me

dear boobs,
you can go to hell.  you know what you've done. 

dear scrapbook room,
i'm sorry i've abandoned you lately.  let's try to catch up soon?

dear diet coke,
have you done something different with yourself lately?  i seem to find you somewhat irristable right now.

dear june 30,
please feel free to get here any time.  i'm ready to see the new twilight movie.

dear traverse city,
i cannot express my excitement that we will be together next weekend with no children. 



Sara M said...

I laughed-out-loud to a few of those. dear Target and dear boobs...LOL!

MelArcile said...

You are too funny!!!

Nikki said...

Very funny.... made me laugh. I can relate to several of thos... except it's winter here!