June 14, 2010

Not Me Monday!

It was not me that {almost} lost her soaking wet, bloated diaper wearing, sand covered child at Frederick Meijer Garden this weekend because he is fast, it was really hot, and I have a friggin double stroller.

I do not drink so much coffee these days that I forget to eat breakfast and sometimes lunch because I'm all hopped up on caffene.  I do not ever sit down after getting kids down for naps and eat half a box of Cheez-its either.

It was not me that you may have seen standing outside Meijer last week with a shoe-less baby in one arm, and an un-bagged bottle of wine in the other, that I did not purchase with bottle return slips from previously consumed alcohol, while waiting for my husband to pull around and pick me up.  That is just trashy.

I'm not embarrassed that, after being invited to go to the park with the neighbor, I realized on the way that I forgot to brush my teeth...because that did not happen.  Nope, I always brush my teeth first thing in the morning and I would never leave the house with sweaters on my teeth unknowingly. 

I do not occasionally put my kids to bed as early as 6:45 or 7pm  because I am just done, and would prefer they not be around me anymore.  I cherish every moment they are awake.

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The Smittys said...

i can totally relate! and i wake up totally done with my kids some mornings! those are longggggg days!

E said...

I LOVE your blog! Thanks for joining my site today! I will definitely be back!!!

Tiercy said...

Oh my gosh, I call them sweaters too. And, in fact, it was 6 p.m. standing in front of my mirror that I realized I had in fact NOT brushed my teeth that morning as I was so sure I had.

sounds like we'd be kindred spirits from the other things you didn't do, that I would NEVER do either. = >

MelArcile said...

I love logging onto your blog and finding totally hilarious things like this... the Meijer story tops them all. You are hilarious, girl.