June 23, 2010

Traverse City

Last weekend, Dan and I were fortunate enough to get away without the kids.  We took a trip up to Traverse City with Darcy and Sarah for some much needed relaxing.  Besides fighting off the cold that hit me Thursday, it was a great weekend.

We stayed at the North Shore Inn on the East Bay.  We arrived Friday around 3:30 and had dinner downtown and walked around a bit.  Saturday was beautiful so we relaxed at the beach then drove up Old Mission Peninsula to do some wine tasting  sight seeing.  {We ended up doing a lot of wine tasting at 5 different wineries! Yikes}  The boys asked around and found a great place for dinner called the Mission Table.  It was an old vacation home of a weathly Chicago couple in the early 1900's and is said to be haunted.  Pretty Creepy, but very Yummy! 

Sunday we walked around downtown and did a little shopping before we came back to reality.  It was a great weekend!!  I almost missed the kiddos...I said almost!


MelArcile said...

Looks like a fun time - especially the wine tasting!! :)

Michelle said...

Okay--we almost ended up doing the same thing. We seriously talked about Traverse City and Old Mission Peninsula. That would've been so weird!