July 12, 2010

You know you are with your kids too much when...

you run to the store alone, glance in the rear view mirror and have a momentary panic attack because you can't remember where you left them? 

you put them down for a nap, then sit on the couch for a few minutes to "unwind" only to find that you somehow can't turn off the episode of Max and Ruby that you have not seen before.

your lunches often consist of peanut butter and jelly, or chicken nuggets.

everything you have said out loud all day long was some form of a question.  {Did you go poop?  Did you just sit on your sister?  Do you need to go back to bed?   Are you done?  Where did you put your sippy cup?  WHAT DO YOU WANT???}

your favorite time of day is 8:00pm {once the kids are in bed, followed by a close second to the moment you hear sound of your husband's car pulling in the garage.}

you meet up with a friend and realize you have absolutely nothing to talk about except how obnoxious your kids can be and how your husband doesn't do anything right.

Anyone up for a girl's night out? :)


MelArcile said...

Yes please!! I just had dinner with Fawn, and we talked about wanting to get everyone together... Let's do it!

Anonymous said...

I sadly nodded my head to everything you wrote, felt like crap then realized this is the life of a stay at home mom, crazy fun and a little pathetic. Love your blog, and your sense of humor about being a mom and getting older (we are the same age)

{San Diego}

Terri said...

You are so great at keeping your sense of humor through what can sometimes be a crazy life at home, fulltime with kids! I love you for that.You are amazing! Time will seem to go by so fast..you will want it back... or at least the fun parts:)

Anonymous said...

So so true! I love your sense of humor.