September 28, 2010

a few numbers

 A little peak at what went on yesterday...

4 - number of crockpots going at once
10- hours spent working on these meals
3- number of kids that needed to be entertained/watched/fed/changed during all of this
745 - amount of times I was interrupted by Sydney
20ish- chicken breast that were cooked and shredded
9 - things we wanted to accomplish (pot pies, chili, white chili, taco soup, sausage lentil soup, shredded chicken, browned beef, meat loaf)
6.5 - amount of things that were accomplished (not bad)
2- number of pizzas ordered and eaten for dinner last night :)

1 comment:

Sarah K said...

Why the big cook-fest? Kudos to you for all the hard work! It reminds me of when I actually had the time and energy to do something like that - BEFORE I had my first child! Since then it's all Mac & Cheese and Chicken Nuggets. :)