September 21, 2010

Helpful Tips and Tricks

We are all busy.  That is a fact.  There is never enough time in the day to get it all done.  {and if there is, I certainly don't spend my "down time" doing these types of things}.  So I went ahead and compiled some of my little tips and tricks to help you out.  No need to thank me:

Why is there always so much of it?  I've learned that if you let your kids sit in their pj's all day {and occasionally diaper only}, there are one or two less outfits to wash.  Better yet, leave them in their clothes from the day before and skip the pj's all together.  Am I right, or am I right?

Never...I repeat, Never clean up the wet, soggy, stuck on food that is on and around the highchair.  Just let it air dry and hit it with the Dustbuster when one of your children are having a meltdown.  It helps drown out the noise AND cleans up nice and quick.  If you have a dog, which I do not, then disregard this tip.  You are way ahead of the curve.

Do you go several too many days without bathing your kids?  No?  Me either.  Often my child can be found at my feet playing with a bar of soap while I shower.  It's pretty much like giving him a bath.  On those days where you are too "busy" to shower too, just wipe them down with a good old baby wipe before that last diaper of the night.

Dry snacks vacuum up.  Throw a handful at your kids while they play on the floor.  Just make sure to run the vacuum before hubby gets home.  The fresh vacuum lines on the carpet will make him think you've been cleaning all day.  {at least I've got mine convinced of if you see him...keep your mouth shut}

I certainly don't go to a gym, and there is no nanny coming to my house to watch this kids while I exercise.   Give the kids a sucker and the ipod and stick them in the jogging stroller.  That is how we trained for our 8 mile run last weekend.  They are quiet and entertained.  That should give you 30-40 minutes.

I've taken the approach that you can never delegate enough.  For instance, I am fluent in only 3 languages; English, Sarcasm, and Profanity.  I leave the other foreign language lessons to Dora and Ni hao Kia Lan. 

Also, Yo Gabba Gabba has some fantastic lessons in sharing, not biting, and picking up your trash.  I highly recommend this one.

Read to your kid for 20 minutes each day?  My kid got a leap frog, tad pole, something or other than reads to him.

Easy Mac...enough said.

My husband has accused me of seeing the Schwan Guy.  My 2 year old calls him by his first name.  Hey, I'm no Betty Crocker. 

As more of these helpful little "gems" come to mind, I will be sure to pass them along.  As I said before, no need to thank me.  {...and if you are appalled or find anything in this post to be offensive, I was totally kidding...sort of.}

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Melissa said...

Sara, you are hilarious. We need to hang out again.