November 11, 2010

a little bit awkward, a little bit awesome

This post was inspired by the super cool and ridiculously adorable Sydney over at The Daybook.  {and she has a great name if I do say so myself}

This self timer shot.  WTF?

realizing there is nothing left to discuss with your husband of 7 years after you fill him in on cute stuff the kids did today and so-and-so's facebook status update.

hearing the Schwan guy call your son, ---RICE---{when his name is actually Bryce} every time he comes and not being able to correct him since he's been doing it for over a year now.

Speaking of wrong names, when the boss' wife calls your husband  Scott Peterson {when his name is actually Dan Peterson}, every time she sees him.  You know, as in SCOTT PETERSON the wife killer.  ummm...weird?

when someone misunderstands your sarcasm for bitchiness in a text.

talking too much when you are around new people.  {I tend to say things that are inappropriate, cause that's how I roll.}

belting out the wrong words to a song when you -totally- thought you knew the right words and having someone catch you.


When Sydney wakes up in a good mood.  {Hell, anytime Sydney is in a good mood since this is very seldom.}

Wearing your jeans the second day because they fit like a glove.

Coffeemate Pumpkin Spice creamer.  In LOVE right now.

Playing with my new camera!!

Having Bryce come up to me out of the blue, grabbing my face with both chubby hands and planting a big kiss right on the lips.

Nachos from Qdoba

Wednesday night tv.  Modern Family and the Middle are AMAZING {aaaahhhhhmaaaaziiiing...said in a whisper under my breath}

having a great hair day.  Aint nothin gonna break my stride.  No body's gonna slow me down, OH NO!  I've got to keep on moving.  {Sorry that song popped in my head because I was imagining myself walking down the street with great hair and that is the song that would be playing.}

going to bed at 8:30pm and sleeping straight through the night.  AMEN!!


Melissa said...

Ok, again, you are hilarious. We NEED to hang out again soon. I promise not to interpret your sarcasm as bitchiness. :)

Michelle said...

When I first read this I was thinking that your son was calling the Schwans man by the wrong name. But seriously, who names their kid Rice?