November 4, 2010

OMG! What is my problem?

It never ends!!  I can't stop.  I want, and want, and want....!  Seriously, I think I need a 12 step program!  {or at least start getting my priorities straight}

It is all about the accessories though.  Am I right ladies?  Now that I have my "highly anticipated and much coveted" camera, you would think I would be happy.  Well, I am...but I would love a few accessories to go along with it. :) 

Such as...
I mean, really?  How cute are these?  They are everywhere on etsy, and if I knew anything about sewing, I might even try to make one.  But I don't.  So that is not an option.
how about something to carry my camera around in style?  Maybe a cute bag that doesn't look like a nasty, black camera bag...blah?

This is getting ridiculous!  I have problems. 


Sara M said...

You NEED a Kelly Moore bag!! Put it on your christmas list!!

I have a cute camera strap my friend got me. It's also a must have. be careful though...some are not made well. Make sure it has good heavy duty straps and clamps pieces that attach it to the camera. Don't want it to break or slip off and make you drop your camera!

The Rydens said...

Then some day you will want a new lense for your camera! I hope to get that for Christmas!