November 2, 2010

Our Halloween Shenanigans

Thursday we went downtown to Dan's office for a little early trick-or-treating.  They had a Halloween party for the kiddos so we got to dress up and practice saying "trick-or-treat".  I don't think Bryce realized he had to actually work for his candy! 
The kids and I went over to Ga-Ga and Papa's house on Friday.  Check out these matching Halloween Jammies.  Spooky!
Bryce painted his very own Pumpkin {and did a great job, if I do say so myself}
Talk about waiting till the last second.  We put off the pumpkin carving until Sunday morning, which is sooooo not like me!  I wanted something quick and easy, so we just spelled out "EEK"  {by "we"  I mean ME}
Heaven forbid they actually cooperate and sit still for a stinkin picture.
The finished product :)
My little bumble-bee and butterfly.
Bryce would not stay out of his candy stash, and Syd actually did have a good time despite the less-than-thrilled face she is making in these pictures.
Sydney and Ben the Kangaroo
Sydney the Butterfly, Aria the Pirate, Bee-Ryce, and Becket the Fish Nemo.  {I LOVE his face in this picture!}
The little Butterfly was trying to run away.

We had our friends {the Ferris'} over for pizza and trick-or-treating.  It was fun to see all the kids in the neighborhood and watch Bryce have so much fun.  Hopefully next year it will be a little warmer and Syd can get into it as well.  Ok, now on to Christmas!!!

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Janine said...

Girl, your pumpkins are "ah-dorable"! And great job on getting a picture with both kids looking! Your little insects looked so cute! Love Becket's face too....he's like "seriously mom, enough with the flippin pictures!"