December 29, 2010

Our Christmas ***

***also known as the post with a zillion pictures.
Practicing the Bokeh again...except the lighting was poor and Bryce is not in focus. :(
Syd with Aunt Meg, Madi with Uncle Dan, and Bryce with Uncle Cullen.
Bryce loves his cousins Nate and Madi!
Present time!
Syd with Dad and Mom
The "Bradley" side (Bradley, Parsons, Sobie, McKee, Hocking, Peterson, Wiltse to be specific)  (minus Dan, Bryce, Kevin, Emma...close enough!)

Came home from Mom's house and had Christmas Eve at our house.  Dan wasn't feeling well, so I enjoyed some wine, a fire, and "A Christmas Story".  Bryce and I set out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  He picked out the pig plate for Santa??  Also notice the plastic carrots on the plate.  He insisted on giving the reindeer those carrots too.
Opening presents
Bryce was SOOO excited to get his own tool set.
Poor Sydney didn't have much to open since she doesn't really "get" Christmas yet (and she plays with all of Bryce's stuff anyway.)  The kids loved all their new toys.
Our dirty little family in our non-Christmas jammies because mom was too lazy to go get them.  (and someone could use a haircut...not Bryce.)
Kiddos at Grandma and Grandpa Pete's (Me-Ma and Papa's house)
Lainey and her American Girl Doll, Maddie and the Squid, & Anthony and Kenna.
Uncle Dan and Grandpa teaching the kids how to gamble with real money.  Everyone got to roll, but it was Ben who won $5  :)
The kids got lots of great new gifts.
 The Paper Jamz guitar was a big hit with Bryce (eventhough it was not his gift), and Syd was loving her some Cousin Ben!
All the Grandkids
One more Christmas get together this Saturday, then stick a fork in us...we are done!


Marquez said...

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Janine said...

Awesome pictures Sara! How fun for Bryce & Syd to have so many cousins their age! Looks like there was lots of spoiling going on. And I love the early morning Christmas photo...Dan looks like a chia pet- haha! Ssshhh...dont tell him, i dont want to hurt his feelings AGAIN(-: