February 17, 2011

Almost forgot I had a desk under there.

It was bad.  Like, 2 feet high bad.  My desk was turning into a pile...no, more like a mountain of crap. 
Since this is sort of a "bonus" room, and it has doors...they are usually closed, and it is often neglegted.  It is my catch all room.
 Don't know where to put something?

Just throw it in the "office" and get to it later. 
Have things you don't want the kids to get their hands on?

Just throw it in the "office" and get to it later.

Why am I wasting this amazing scrapbook room???  I have been dragging my PL stuff out into the living room to work on it because there is no room on the desk.  Why??
 I finally cleaned and purged and found my desk top.  Hello!  Nice to see you again! 
Until it is clean, I forget how much I love this room!


Kara said...

Sara, you have the cutest decorating ideas! I might just have to steal one or two from you. ;)

Janine said...

Oh my goodness, isnt that the BEST feeling ever! Looks fricken awesome girl!Now go make me some cards(-:

Heather said...

Wow! What a great room! I love your desk with the storage area on the side...that is awesome! And I LOVE your wall with family photos! And congrats on finding the top of your desk! :)