March 21, 2011

Spring Fever

The weather this past week was borderline ridiculous, you know, in a good way.  I have been waiting for this for months!!  All through the winter months I sulk and complain, but without persevering through them, I don't think I would appreciate just how happy Spring weather makes me feel! 

We were pushing almost 70 by Thursday, but Tuesday and Wednesday were a comfortable mid-50's.  I am by no means a die hard runner, but I have had the itch to get outside and go for a run. 
This was the perfect week for it!  We headed down the road to Roselle Park (which our family refers to as "The Silo").  The kids LOVE it there!  These are awful pictures, but I didn't bring my camera, so the phone had to do.
I could really use a better jogging stroller.  Right now, we have a bike trailer/jogger that was cheap to begin with, but after several times bottoming out because of kids trying to stand in it, it's taken on a Flintstone-esq quality.  Not to mention I'm pushing almost 50 pounds of child in there.  Not pretty.
Oh well, it gets the job done!
After our run, the troops were getting restless, so I let them walk the last stretch.  It took about 20 minutes to make it the last 1/4 mile back to the car because...
someone had to pick up every single rock he could find...
 then throw them in the "river" (snow meltage)...
and Mom kept trying to take pictures of two unwilling participants...
finally Syd had enough and said "Peace Out".  We did this Tuesday and Wednesday, and to be wasn't that bad. If I can just force myself to do it, maybe I will actually run the entire 8 miles up at Mackinac this fall.  ???????  We'll see.

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Melissa said...

Good for you Sara! I was feeling the Spring Fever too - we spent all of Thursday at the Gardens (even through nap time) and outside at home (while daddy was GRILLING!) and all of Friday at the zoo. I am desperate for a little nice weather. I never knew I was so affected by the cold and sun-less days until this year. As soon as the sun was out a little, I was outdoors.
Keep up the running! You can do the whole 8 miles next fall!