April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

After starting the day a smidge late, we went to Church (where we showed up 15 minutes late and had standing room only in the back...of course), then headed to Muskegon (where the kids fell asleep in the car and I drove to keep them asleep, then got lost and had to drive even longer to get back to Mee-maw and Papa's house), we finally arrived and started our day of fun!  Sheesh!
Thankfully I remembered to snap a family picture before we were all filthy. :)
Quick picture of all the kids before the Easter Egg hunt began.  I love these kinds of pictures where we herd all the kids together "real quick" and expect everyone to cooperate.  Lets look closely at this picture shall we?

 Once the egg colors were chosen, the kids took off.  Notice how there are no kids in this picture.  They buzzed around that pond in about 30 seconds flat.  Well...all except one.
At first, she wanted no part of this.  I had to hold her, squat down to help her pick up her eggs, all while trying to take pictures of it.  Got my work out for the day!
She eventually warmed up and started to have a little fun.  {a little fun}
Bryce loved it...naturally!  He was cracking me up because he didn't bother to put his findings in the basket.  He immediately opened up each egg to see what was inside and carried his candy around with a death grip. 
Maddie was nice enough to help Bryce get one of the eggs out of the tree, and I love this picture of Bear and her dad. :)
After dinner {which could quite possibly have been the most amazing meal I've ever eaten}, we celebrated Miss Charlotte's 3rd birthday!  She had the coolest ice cream bunny cake.  Happy Birthday Charlotte!
...and of course that meant more treats for these two.  I was convinced one of my kids would puke last night, but by the grace of God...no one did.

Every single chance he had, Bryce could be found doing this...
We could not get him away from that thing!
We had a really great day.  {and with a little photoshop help, I was able to manipulate catch a picture of all 4 of us smiling.}  This is my new favorite picture.


The Blackburn Buzz said...

Beautiful family picture - it's so great to see how each kid takes the Easter egg hunt in! ;)

I love that your family gives a certain color. We put names on the eggs this year for the kids, and it was a ton of fun!

Janine said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL family picture! WOW! You just might want to use that for your Christmas card-so what that they grew up a head taller(-:

Bree@ 700sqftDesign said...

I can't handle the group kid shot! Its too much! Funnnnnny! Drinking me some GT sweet red and catching up on my fav blogs. Yours included!