April 19, 2011

Project Life | Week 15

Spent the morning packing up Sydney's outgrown clothes and unpacking our tons and tons of hand-me-downs.  This girl is set for summer!
Drove to mom's on Tuesday with Dan while he went to a few appointments, then had dinner over there.  It was a gorgeous day, so we played outside.  I BEGGED the kids to let me take a picture of them together.
Our Wednesday night tradition...The Middle, then Modern Family.  Perfect.  I love Wednesday tv.  Can't wait for the return of Cougar Town!
Met Ben and Cassie at Frederick Meijer Garden to see the Butterfly exhibit.  I'm really contemplating getting a leash for Bryce.  Seriously. 
Had pizza with the Neiuwenhuis', then came home and got ready for bed.  Let the kids have some popcorn and watch a show before bed.  They just looked too cute with their little popcorn buckets.  (love the $1 section at Target!)
Now that "dock season" is in full swing and Dan is working Saturdays, the kids and I get to spend EXTRA quality time together {insert sarcasm}.   It was a miserable rainy, cold, and yucky day, so we spent most of the morning doing this.
Self portrait with the cell phone {in the car} and Bryce has no pants on.  {I didn't realize the slide at the park had a 5 inch deep pool of water at the bottom and he landed right in it.}  Never a dull moment.

If I make it to Costco today to pick up my prints, I may update later with some album pics?

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Sarah K said...

Wow, cosmic twin, yet again I am in awe of our worlds colliding in that alternate universe.

Actually bought a leash for Isaiah once, but hubby made me return it. It was a monkey backpack.

Those popcorn buckets are awesome. I must have them.

How funny was that Modern Family episode? I damn near cried!!

Your Saturday photo just made me smile. It is EXACTLY how we look on the mornings when I'm not working. Well, except for the fact that I take up a heck of a lot more of the couch than you do!

Janine said...

Love your Project Life!!! Life is a project, eh? Your posts always make me smile. And just remember, you can come hang out with the other widow in your neighborhood during "dock season". Kisses