May 5, 2011

Sweet Memory to Save

The kids and I were running errands yesterday and I ran into someone that I used to babysit for when I was in college. The dad and I were talking for a minute and catching up on what everyone was up to. It just hit me when we talked about their oldest who is about to graduate from high school and will be heading to U of M next year. CRAZY! She was just a kid...I was just in yesterday??? Talk about feeling old?!?

     Anyway, I started thinking about how fast time is flying by. Bryce will be THREE next week. Three??? That is insane. I really want to treasure everything as it is now. Even when I am up to my elbows in poopy diapers and puking kids. When we have to leave Target because of meltdowns and shoes are constantly on the wrong feet. When every little thing is a struggle from what to eat, to buckling seat belts. I know this time is short lived and will be over in the time it takes to blink.
(these pictures were taken some silly evening that we were just hanging out and we took about 20 of these because I couldn't get one where I wasn't cutting Sydney's head off.  We were laughing so hard!)

This year, I chose the word "Present" to kind of keep me on track and I have really been making an effort to appreciate everything I have, do, and feel right now.  Mother's Day is a few days away, and while we all love on our moms and tell them how much we appreciate them, I am very thankful that I am one of them.  As much as I bitch about these two and how miserable life is...I really am one lucky mom.  Love these two to pieces.  :)


Melissa said...

Thanks for the reminder. I keep telling myself the same thing: this time is so short, take advantage of every moment. And the pictures you have on this post are adorable.

Tara Sobie said...

Sara ... you are awesome, that's all I can say - LOVE this post.

Bree@ 700sqftDesign said...

I feel like you plucked thoughts out of my mind. Mothers Day seems so much more meaningful this year. Cute post.

hayley j said...

i just came across your blog at random, and i love it. it's so cute, your fam is beautiful, and i love how honest you are. it's so refreshing!

Terri Hocking, CCLS said...

Sara,I am so grateful and proud that you are my daughter....I love YOU to pieces!