July 19, 2011

Project Life {serious catch up}

I'm not even sure what week we are on, but here are the last 3 weeks that I finally just got caught up!  Woo-Hoo!

Week (?) 25:  June 20-26

Week (?)26: June 27- July 3:  Vacation! 

 (loving Ali Edward's idea of writing a little somethin' and just stapling it to the photos.  Worked out perfect this week.  She is the bomb.)

Week (?) 27: July 4-10

Week (?) 28: July 11-17

 I don't use these overlays enough...so cute!

So there you have it!  My life over the past month in photos.  :)  Feels good to be caught up.  On another note, I've seen/read people talking about splitting their year into 2 albums and thought..why the heck would you need 2 albums??  Well, after snapping pictures, I realized that it's only July and my album looks like this:
 Think I could fit another 6 months in here at the rate I'm going?????
 Might need to reconsider getting a 2nd album for 2011!


Bree@ 700sqftDesign said...

Ahhhhh doesn't it feel so nice to catch up on something! Love, love your weekly pics. That's a whole lot o life going on in the Peterson household. Your kids are gonna love these memories captured when they get to be our age.

Shannon said...

I just finished June and I'm thinking the same thing. I thought people were crazy for needing more than one album for a year... this album is HUGE! But I'm about as full as you are and its only been 6 months. I'm glad were at the 6 month mark though so we can have the first half of the year in one album and the 2nd half in another. I'm also going to try to switch things up a bit more in my 2nd half of the year :) Good luck with yours, love love love your album!

packmom said...

You're making wonderful progress and it all looks great! Love the picture of the shoes and the one at the movies with the ticket stub.