July 22, 2011


Our awesome friends, Luke and Janine just happened to have two extra tickets to see U2 at MSU last month.  Fortunately for us, they thought we would be fun to bring along.  Woo-Hoo!  I must admit though, I've never been a big U2 fan.  Not that they aren't an amazing band, they just weren't a big part of my youth, so I didn't grow to appreciate them over the years.  I grew up listening to NKOTB and later various Hip-Hop, R&B artists.  Now I'm spit between Pop and Country.  I know...not quite the same genre as most U2 fans.

I digress... Even though I didn't know many songs, it was the most incredible show!  The weather was beautiful that Sunday, and we were able to grab a table at a local Mexican restaurant on the patio and drink Margaritas with good friends all afternoon, then P.F. Chang for dinner before the show.  Our seats were great, but since it was a 360 degree stage, there couldn't have been a bad seat.  It was the most amazing set and stage.  They did 3 encores and performed for what felt like hours.  I am so glad we were invited and decided to go.  Here are some pics and video:

Here's a couple videos.  This truly was the most amazing concert I've seen.

Beautiful Day

With or Without You.  (I still get goosebumps every time I watch this.  Can you imagine seeing this live?  I thought I was going to die!)

This was such an amazing show.  My appreciation for this band has exploded.  Hello i tunes...here I come!


Janine said...

Awe! You're a grown up now(-: Teehee We had SO much fun with you and it wouldn't have been as much fun without my partner in crime, ok, maybe I was the criminal this time, but hey(-: I'm so glad you loved it-we had a GREAT time! And can I just say.....with or without you....OMG. That has been my favorite song of all time and to hear it live in the dark gave me chills too. Happy that you caught some on video. Just got to relive it a little(-:

Kara said...

Looks like so much fun! I had a ticket but was unable to go. :( Friends of mine and said it was great! I got chills watching With or Without You and I wasn't there! Amazing!!