September 24, 2011

Birthday Cards

Three of my very special nieces have birthdays this week!  Two of them are today, and one is Monday.  All three are sisters too...Crazy huh?? 
{this was last summer...Can't believe how tiny Sydney was last summer...and that Maddie had no front teeth! ...and that Syd could pass for their sister}

 Anyway, I had fun making some new cards to send them.  Since I always send out my cards and forget what they look like, I snapped a few pictures before dropping them in the mail.  Just thought I would share.  They turned out pretty cute. the way...I get the majority of my ideas from  This chick is AH-mazing.
Front and Side
Inside...don't mind the extra hole I accidentally punched on the right side.  oops.
I had a little assistant while I was snapping pictures.  

Card #2  {it has 3 layers}
Outside and middle layer
inside...or all the way open.

Card #3

Also, a fun way to dress up your envelopes...
Happy Birthday Madalyn, Malaina, and Mairyn!

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