September 21, 2011

Just the Girls

With Bryce at school a few days a week, Syd and I have been able to spend some time together...just the two of us.  
This day in particular was Bryce's first day of school, so I wanted to do something fun with Syd.  We went to Frederick Meijer Garden and had very nice morning.
Of course this one had her own agenda and insisted in pushing the stroller around the entire time.

So sassy, this one!
Since we were moving at a snail's pace, we had plenty of time to admire all the sculptures
...and all the flowers
...and even read the little signs that we normally would have walked right past!
Amazing what you can find when you just slow down a little bit! :)
We've been coming to the gardens for 2 summers, but it is usually hot and we don't make it past the children's garden to splash in the water or dig in the sand pit.  Today, Sydney and I discovered the arch, the farm, and so much more!
It was a very nice morning.  She was sweet.  She was enjoyable.  She was quiet.  Then as soon as  we picked Bryce up from school, she was back to her old self again.  At least I get 5 hours a week of the enjoyable Sydney while we spend "quality time" together.

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