November 18, 2011

Hello 31

Really...31?  How in the world did THAT happen?  I swear I was just 21.  I swear we were just newlyweds.  I swear I just found out I was pregnant with Bryce.  I swear time is not flying by at warp speed!

Instead of focusing on how awful it is to get older, I am going to embrace my old age (ha ha ha) and be grateful for everything I have.

Here is my list of 31 things I am thankful for today:

1.  That God allows me to wake up every morning and start a brand new day.
2.  I have a husband who adores me.
3.  I have two beautiful, healthy, energetic, smart, funny children.
4.  I have a roof over my head and a safe place to sleep every night.
5.  I have enough food to fill my belly and keep me going (sometimes a little too much)
6.  I am not battling any diseases or addictions
7.  My family loves me.
8.  I have awesome friends that love and support me.
9. I have access to medical care if and when I need it.
10.  I have the ability to read and write.
11. Simply put, I can enjoy my freedom every single day because of those who serve and protect our country.
12.  That my husband has a job!!!!!
13.  My husband has a job that provides us with everything we need (and more)
14.  My husband has a job that allows me to stay home and raise our children.
15.  That I was able to attend college and graduate with a degree.
16.  I have been able to travel to some amazing places.
17.  I have conveniences that are often taken for granted.  (running water, heat, clothing, reliable vehicle, washer/dryer, electricity)
18.  I have babysitters that I can count on that allow me to get a break from my kids.
19.  That my struggles are not how will I feed or clothe my children, but what will I feed them or pick out for them to wear.  (Thanks Stacy and Amy for all the new-to-us clothes!)
20.  I have been blessed with creativity.
21.  I am able to enjoy luxuries such as iphone, lap top, ipod, flat screen tv, etc.  That is not meant to be boastful, but honestly thankful!
22.  I have the ability to worship my God freely.
23.  I belong to an amazing community at The Branch.
24.  That I have grown spiritually over the last year thanks to the bible studies I have participated in, and the fellowship of the women involved.
25.  That I am forgiven.
26.  I feel safe in almost every aspect.
27.  That I continue learn new things and have the ability to evolve.
28.  I may not have been blessed with a beautiful singing voice, but I sure sound good in my car.
29.  I have humor, and can laugh at my mistakes.
30.  That I woke up to flowers, a sweet card, and my favorite Starbucks coffee.
31.  My kids sang happy birthday to me, hugged me, and told me they loved me.  Amazing.

I am very blessed, no doubt.  Life is not perfect.  Things can always be worse.
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So with that being said...Happy Birthday to me!  31 should be a good year.  :)


Tara Sobie said...

Happy Birthday to a very special cousin :)

I love your idea of 31 things to be thankful for .. you're awesome, don't ever forget it!! :)

hayley.jay said...

Happy Birthday Girl! Hope you have a fabulous celebration :)

Anonymous said...

What a nice way to celebrate a birthday. list is going to have to be a LOT longer than yours! Happy Birthday Sara.

Janine said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend. Your list was beautiful, just as you are. SO many things to be thankful for. We had fun at the impromptu birthday night cap(-: Love you Sara!

Heather said...

What a great list! Happy belated Birthday!