January 11, 2012

Intro to Photography. Yay!

A few months ago, some friends and I were hanging out and we started talking about taking a photography class.  Normally when things like this come up over drinks, it sounds like a great idea, but does not come to fruition.  

When said friend brought the idea back up via email a few weeks later, I jumped on the opportunity to strengthen my "photography skills".  I've always thought about doing this, but probably wouldn't have pursued it on my own.  We decided on a day and time and got ourselves registered.  Last night was our first class, and to say that I was excited is a complete understatement.  

The teacher was awesome, very passionate about photography, and easy to understand.  Of course last night was just the intro, so lots of camera exploration and lecture, but over the next seven weeks we have so much to cover.  There's even homework!  I can't explain how exciting this is to actually use my brain again! :)  

Also having a night away each week where I don't have to feed, bathe, and put kids to bed is an added bonus.  I'm thankful my husband is supportive.  I'm thankful the tuition cost isn't an obstacle.  I'm thankful for friends that share my passion.  This is one happy girl right here.


Colleen said...

that's exciting! We had the same conversation recently and are still looking for prices. Doesn't seem to be much in our area.

Abby Devine said...

Very exciting! And what a wonderful way to take some time for yourself doing something you love with friends... makes it that much better! I have tossed around the idea of taking classes, but haven't pursued it yet.

Good luck! I am sure your pictures will be great!

The Wallace Family said...

Sounds like fun..I really would like to take some classes to learn more about my camera as well....Would be a lot of fun with some friends too:)