January 26, 2012

Project Life Update: Week Three

I'm not really sure why my photos are so dark and grainy???  Not about to bother with more shenanigans, it took long enough to get this up here to begin with.  Anyway...

Left Side...put the title card over here today since my right side was design G...I wasn't really sure where else to put it.
Again, used my Clementine digital papers from Jessica Sprague and put Instagram Photos right on there.  Come to think of it, I believe every picture this week was taken with my phone...oops!
Right Side...Design G.  Some Chicago Pics, name badge from the conference, and take-out bag from dinner, as well as a few pics my mom gave me.  Since they had the kids over the weekend, I wanted her/their story in here too.  Weather was awful this weekend and we didn't do as much in Chicago as I would have liked...very limited photos.  :(
Title Card:  I've been seeing  lots of embellishing on title cards with the week #, and duh...love it.  I may print the week on these in the future, but this time, I stamped right on my Martha Stewart Kraft Label and embossed in black.  Also added a few washi tapes, tag, and number sticker from Clementine kit.
Used up my last of the arrow stickers from Studio Calico...must get more of these.  Love them!
Lots of Jillibean Soup and My Mind's Eye label stickers this week.  
More label stickers and washi tape.  Can't get enough of these two products lately.

I'm linking up (better late than never) over at The Mom Creative!  Lots of inspiration over there


Emily said...

I always love looking at your pages Sara! So fun.

Colleen said...

Those look great and I love how you did the week title part with the tiny ribbon.

Shannon b said...

love all the little embellishments! Man, I need to get my hands on some washi tape pronto!

The Wallace Family said...

Love your embellished card it's so cute! I have weeks where I only take pictures with my camera! It happens. Your pages always look great:)

EverydayMomentsBlog said...

Yet again, great pages, the majority of my photos were taken with my iphone this week too. :) Mel

Abby Devine said...

I am using my phone a lot too, but my pics are turning out good so I guess thats all that matters. Love your layout. Hope Chicago was fun!

Julie said...

Your pages look great. The majority of my pictures this week were from my phone as well.

I LOVE Chicago!! We travel every year to see a specialist for our daughter in Naperville.

Looking forward to seeing more of your pages.

Tiny Teague said...

I love your idea of yearly life books. AMAZING!!!! I love to scrap, when I get the time. Do you just use regular 3 ring binders? And what clear pages do you use? I've never done any of the digital scrapbooking. So you can make your pics smaller and attach them to pattern papers and print them as 4x6 photos? Sorry so many ?'s. I must wait to get started on this project for my family. :0)

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