September 27, 2012

Thankful Heart Thursday

Each Thursday, Renee at Mommaste, and writer for the Simple Moms  posts a series called "Thankful Heart Thursday".  I love the idea of slowing down and just being thankful for what I have.  I need {and want} to do more of this everyday, so this is a great way to express what I'm thankful for.

Today, plain and simple, I am so very thankful for the enthusiasm and excitement Bryce has shown  about Jesus.  (As much as a 4 year old can!)  I want to encourage this and help him grow in his relationship with the Lord.

Last year, a friend recommended this children's bible, and we got in the routine of reading one story each night before bed.
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I'm not sure how much he is understanding or comprehending, but I feel that we are building a good framework for the future.  Here are some funny little quotes from the past few months (melts my heart!):

Walking outside one night, Sydney looked up and noticed all the stars in the sky and said:
S- "Mama, who made dat?  The airplanes?"
B- "No Sydney, GOD made the stars...God made EVERYTHING!"

Riding in the car the other day, he told me to look down at his shoes and asked me:
B- "Mom, know who has sandals like these?"
Me- "Who?"
B- "Jesus does."
Me (laughing)- "Oh yeah, how do you know that?"
B- "I saw it in my know, my Bible"
Me- "You're right!  He does wear sandals like that!"
B- "You know who else has these?  Jimmy and Stevie. (kids in his class)"

Funny stuff.

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Renee Spica said...

I LOVE this, Sara! What a great Mom you are to teach your kids at a young age about God's love and the importance of keeping Christ in our hearts.

Shannon M said...

OMGosh...I just love this. Their precious little hearts. They hear mama! Trust me... Lili is only a couple years older but man that kid amazes me! They hear and let it all sink in :)