November 28, 2012

A month? Really??

Wow, almost an entire month and I have not blogged anything?  Not that our life is all that exciting...but I don't usually go that long without posting something?!?  Well, here's what we've been up to since Halloween:
I got the heck out of dodge and went to Florida for a few days with the McKee side of the family.
It really was SO much fun, even though I was only there for a hot second. check liver light definitely came on this weekend.  
Got home on Tuesday, then had to sit through Zac Brown Band on Thursday...poor me.  :) :) :)
We had amazing seats right on the floor, so it really was a great show!
Friday and Saturday was Beneath the Tree.  It was  I think I might talk Dan into letting me host our home next year.  It was THAT cool.
First were pumped!
Bryce had his first solo play date with a kiddo from pre-school, so Syd and I went on a little date for lunch then Barnes & Noble.  
Sesame Street Live!
 Dan took me out on a date for my birthday so I picked Breaking Dawn Pt. 2...sooooooo good!  Dan LOVED it!  (ha ha ha)
Turned 32.  yippee. 
Decorated for Christmas outside...because it was almost SIXTY degrees in the middle of November!!!!
Busted my hump to try to catch up on Project Life before the end of the year!  More on that coming soon!
Got crafty with our Thankfulness!
Got a shout-out from THE Rhonna Farrer on Instagram Follow Friday #heyrhonna  If you don't follow her IG totally should.  She is beyond inspiring!
and finally, we went on our annual Christmas Tree adventure with the Spaniolos to find and cut down our tree.  

So that about sums it up.  That's what we've been up to the last few weeks!  Thanks for stopping by!


Shannon b said...

*Your crafty turkeys are so stinkin' cute!
*Congrats on the Rhonna shout-out! I saw her in real life last year and, wow, that lady is tiny!
*Awww, love the christmas tree shots -- it looks so festive and fun. And I have to mention that at first glance I thought that sign said "Vomiting Christmas Trees." yuck! ;)

Jaime said...

SO THAT'S WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING? lol So much fun. I love posts like this...straight to the point.

Colleen said...

You've been busy!!!! love these pictures. You guys make such a cute family.

Amir jamil said...
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Daniyal Memon said...
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