October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Our Annual Pumpkin Carving contest was last weekend. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it, but we did get 4 good pumpkins out of it. Below is mine (and Bryce's) pumpkin. No...I did not win, and personally I think I was robbed! I even set a bowl of M&M's out to bribe the judges, and still...nothing!
Cullen and Andy's flaming skull pumpkin...nope, they did not win either.
Terri and Steve's Detroit Pumpkin...no winner here either.
Here is the winner! Meg and Jason made an amazing Spaceship Pumpkin with green strobe light and dry ice! Talk about creative! It really was a good idea.

Mason helping Andy clean out the pumpkin. He said it felt gross when he put his hand in there to get out the gunk.
Meg and Jason
Steve working on his original plan. It was the Comerica Park sign...but unfortunately, there was too much detail and he had to scratch this and go with plan B, the Detroit "D" instead.
Taking a break from my pumpkin for a quick picture. Bryce wasn't helping much anyway...
Bryce with his little pumpkin shirt. He was being such a good boy while I worked on the pumpkin.
Cullen, Nathan, and Andy *not* working on their pumpkins.
Terri and Steve-o
Madalyn and Taelor
Aunt Sarah and Taelor

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