November 19, 2008

Gettin' Crafty! :)

I've had the itch to get ready for Christmas a little early this year. Since we spent the holidays packing and moving last year, I didn't get one single Christmas decoration out. Ba-Humbug! This year I'm making up for it. I had the entire house (with the exception of the tree) decorated by the time Dan got home from work on Friday.

I found a few projects that I wanted to do so I could bring my Scrapbook supplies out of the albums and out into the rest of the house. Here's a few pictures of what I got done last week!
Countdown tree...It came as just a plain chipboard tree with chips for the numbers. I decorated it with paper, gems, stickers and ribbon. The numbers are painted, then stamped with the #'s.

This is just some different holiday papers I found. I pieced them together and finished off with ribbon and a frame.

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