December 4, 2008

Being sick is no fun.

My poor little Bryce got his first bad cold this past weekend. I didn't think it would be a big deal, it's just a cold, right? Until I heard that sweet little boy with what sounds like a "smokers cough", I thought my heart was going to break. Dan kept telling me, it's just a cold, he doesn't need to go to the doctor. Well, I didn't listen to him, and I brought him to the doctor yesterday and it turns out his right ear is infected :( Thank goodness for Meijer's free amoxicillin!!

He didn't seem to be bothered so much by the ear infection, but God-forbid I wipe his's like the world is ending! I know they have to go through this, but it just doesn't seem fair. He can't blow is own nose, tell me what hurts, or just feel bad for himself like I do when I'm sick. Instead, he just whines all day long! Oh, I hope this clears up soon!!!

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