December 31, 2008

Christmas Recap

We had such a nice Christmas. It was a super busy week! I say "week" because that is about how long it took us to hit up each house and celebrate. We went to Howell on Wednesday to celebrate Christmas Eve at my mom's house, then Christmas Day the Hocking family came over. Friday we went to Wayne to see Dad and Andrea. Unfortunatley, the Peterson side was celebrating on Saturday, the same time as the McKee party, so we had to get on the road for Muskegon before everyone arrived at my Dad's. Then Sunday was the other side of the Peterson family. Needless to say, we were exhausted by Sunday night and ready to get in our own beds! We enjoyed our time with everyone, and I think Bryce had a great 1st Christmas (not that he had a clue what was going on!)

Our Family on Christmas Eve
Lots of traveling in the car...Bryce was such a good sport!
Aunt Meg with Bryce wearing Nathan's 1st Chrismas PJ's.
Opening up his 1st present
Cullen and Maria
The Girls
Christmas morning...more presents!
Grandpa getting Bryce to sleep
Daddy and Bryce at the Peterson's
All the cousins!
Happy boy!

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