January 3, 2009

Ta-Da! This is a man on the move!

He finally figured it out last night. For the last several weeks, we kept saying that it was going to be any day. He has been rocking back and forth since before Thanksgiving, but just didn't understand how to get his arms and legs going at the same time. He never even did the "army crawl". He just got up on all fours, and tried to get Dan's phone. (he LOVES that thing) The video is a little dark, but I was using my camera to record this, so this is the best I could get.

I set him down on the ground this morning to see if he would do it again, and he looked so awkward! He just lifted his butt in the air and balanced on his hands and feet then plopped down. After a few tries, he was on the move again!

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MelArcile said...

Way to go Bryce! Glad to see you guys had a good Christmas.