December 18, 2008

Ramblings by a frazzled SAHM

OH MY...what a long day yesterday was. Dan left the house around 7:30am and didn't get home until 8:45pm. So.... that would be over 13 hours of utter boredom, solitude, and 100% domestic responsibility. I hate when he has late nights! Yeah, yeah, I know, he was "working". I wish my "work" consisted of dinners out with other adults, hob-nobbing over drinks with people that have a vocabulary more than "ahh, heey, eeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh, bbbbbpppppbbbbb" and wearing clothes not covered in puke, drool, and other miscellaneous stains.

Ok, I will acknowledge that Dan works harder than any other human being on the planet, and I will not discredit that fact. (and it was MY decision to stay home from work) However, as any other stay at home mom will agree, there is nothing worse than getting that phone call that your husband will be later than he thought. Oh wait, there is. Waking up and starting your day knowing that it will be one of the longest days of your life- such as yesterday.

Alright, I got it out of my system. I am done whining about poor me. What I should be doing is giving thanks for my wonderful husband who loves and provides for us so I can stay home with my beautiful baby. I should be thankful in this rotten economic situation that my husband has a career that he is great at. I should be thankful that I have a house to clean, clothes to wash, a healthy child to feed, and food on the table.

With that being said, if he is not home by 5:30 tonight, I may be singing a different tune :)

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Sara said...

I know what you mean about long days. Adam works late often and its a looong day for me! He has been in California since monday. He "might" be home late tomorrow night but he might end up staying a few more days. I've had a LONG week. It gets easier as they get older though.