January 12, 2009

8 Months old!

It is amazing the difference just a month makes. Since last month, I feel like Bryce has changed so much. Litterally just since last week, it's like he all of a sudden has such a personality. Or should I say, such a little attitude. When he doesn't get the hang of something, or doesn't get his way, he throws his little body around, and starts yelling. Not so much a whine, but a full out yell. Where did that come from?

He's also starting to look like a little boy now. Some of his facial expressions just don't look like a baby anymore. Everything he does has such purpose. He is always exploring and figuring things out. He started crawling as I mentioned in an earilier post. He is reaching and trying so hard to pull himself up on things, which has ended up in a few bumps to the head...oops. He is making all sorts of new sounds and loves to hear himself talk! He can pick things up with his fingers and get them in his mouth now. Feeding him is getting a ton easier!

I'm officially done nursing, which I thought would be a huge relief, but I seem to have mixed emotions about it. Now that I can't do it anymore, I feel like somehow I'm not doing a good job??? Does that make sense? Anyway, it is so much less constricting now that I'm done. And I did stick with it for almost 8 months.

So here are some pictures...

Getting the hang of "finger food"
Looking like a big boy more and more!

Trying to "help" me take down the Christmas Tree.

Bathtime! Loves those teething biscuits!

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