February 10, 2009

Right now...

1. Sitting drinking a big cup of coffee with way too much sugar and creamer in it (but soooooo good). This has become a bit of an addiction lately.

2. Loving the sun coming in the living room window. I'm practically giddy that it will be close to 60 degrees today in February. I'm so ready for spring.

3. Listening to Bryce play all by himself like a big boy. I don't think he's made a peep in about 15 minutes. He has pulled out about every toy from his box, but he's happy, so I'm happy.

4. Trying to figure out what to do today with this faux Spring Day. We will be outside for sure!

5. Debating whether I should take Bryce to the doctor for his...ehem...really bad gas that he's had over the last few days. I bought what I thought was the same formula, but apparently it is not, and it seems to be affecting him a bit differently. He's not sleeping well, and he keeps blowing out adult size gas. (???????)

6. Thinking of Cortney and Kevin this morning and praying that little Aiden will get out of the NICU very soon. He is only 3 days old and they think he may have had a stroke due to the trauma at birth which is causing him to have random seizures. Once he goes 24 hours without any seizures they can go home.

7. Really needing to work out since I just realized we are going to Florida in about 4 weeks. Getting in a bathing suit sounds awesome right about now.

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