April 17, 2009

Rare sighting

No we didn't see a dog with 5 legs, or big foot...we got to see the outside! (and not from the stroller!) I'm a mean mom and I never let this poor kid outside unless we go for walks- always in the stroller. He's not walking yet, so until now, I haven't really let him crawl around on the wet ground since he puts everything in his mouth he can get his hands on. Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL and today is going to be even better (70 degrees) so we are planning on getting lots of fresh air and sun! Maybe we will actually do something exciting??
We just hung out at the park down at the end of the street, but he loved crawling around on everything. You would think he would be sick of the stroller, but it has wheels and he can push it...his new favorite thing to do!

hhhmm...what's this? Well I'll taste it and find out!

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