May 22, 2009

Almost half way

This week marks week 19. That is crazy! Pregnancy number 2 sure is different than the first. There are so many distractions, I can honestly say I have forgotten how far along I am...on many occasions! Thank goodness for the weekly emails! My ultrasound is next Friday, so I'm excited to check on this little wiggle worm. Unfortunately I won't be reporting the sex of the baby. We'd like to keep that a surprise. We are kind of thinking it's a girl. (of course that's what I thought last time and "she" came with a penis.)

I have to promise myself I will have at least one boy and one girl name picked out BEFORE going to the hospital this time. I can't handle that kind of anxiety again. 36 hours with "baby Peterson" was a little too stressful. Any suggestions?


Sue said...

Hey girl! It's Sue Kraft here and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog. Tara sent me the link and it makes me laugh so often :)

So let me get this straight...are YOU finding out the sex and then just not telling anyone?

Sara said...

Sue Kraft (aka permanent preggo),
congrats to you as well I hear! How fun! Um, no we will not be finding out the sex unless our child has crazy big genetalia and can't conceal it. We didn't know with Bryce and it was fun. We thought we would try it again. What about you guys? Can you handle one more boy??