May 13, 2009

Birthday Bash

This past Sunday we celebrated Bryce's 1st Birthday. It was a great day despite being a bit chilly outside. Being that it was Mother's Day, I decided to do a brunch to make a little less birthday party and a little more Mother's Day. Everything turned out very yummy. We had a full house and lots of people were able to help us celebrate. Our (growing) Family

Opening presents kept his attention for about 5 seconds.

He got lots of cool new things though!

Kind of looks like he's saying "one" but he wasn't.

Great gift from the Sobies.

Hangin with his cousins

We decided to do cupcakes instead of sheet cake. Little did I know only 5 would be eaten!

Happy Birthday to Bryce!
I'll tell you one person who enjoyed the cupcakes though...seriously, he ate the entire thing!



Despite the pictures, he actually does smile quite a bit. Just not for the camera.

The next morning on his birthday he woke up to find the balloons still here!
He couldn't figure out why they kept following him around?

So many people sent or brought their birthday wishes. Thanks everyone!


MelArcile said...

What a cute cake! Did you make it? Adorable.

Heidi said...

Love the cake, love the ball jump, love the pics... love it all. You guys are just so darn cute! Congrats for making it through the first year.