May 30, 2009

Still a mystery

So everything went well at the ultrasound yesterday. Baby #2 has 10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 arms, 2 legs, strong heart (heart rate 146) and was quite the wiggle worm! We decided not to find out the sex. Dan insists that he knows what it is...but last time I checked, he was not an ultrasound tech or radiologist. Either way, everything looks good! These pictures are terrible because I couldn't get my scanner to work, and these are actually pictures I took of the pictures. That was the best I could do.
Here is the profile. This little bugger had its hands up in its face the whole time!
This is a 3D photo that, in my oppinion, is a little creepy. It is pretty cool though how much you can see. Again, hands in the face. I think it was trying to get its thumb in the mouth.

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Michelle said...

Looks great! It is such a hard decision to find out/not find out. We did it both ways. I think it is worth the wait for the excitement, but it is just SO HARD!