June 5, 2009

Right now...

1. I am struggling with anything to blog about. I have been in a funk lately. Not sure if it is pregnancy related, or just laziness, but I have been t.i.r.e.d ? Not taking many pictures even though Bryce has been learning and doing incredible amounts of new things lately. :(

2. I am allowing Bryce to play with the stereo receiver (which Dan always scolds him and makes him stop doing when he is home...oops) and he turned off the tv, turned the radio on, quite loudly, then walked away. I'm listening to the radio at like, Mach 10 right now. Oh well.

3. I have a big cup of coffee next to me that smells so good, but I'm debating drinking because I'm battling a bit of heartburn this morning. What's up with that by the way?

4. Annoyed that I'm whining about everything, like how I have a killer headache and just want to go back to bed. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Oh wait, that's right, I woke up on the wrong side of the couch because that is where I slept as a result of my husband's obnoxious snoring ::AGAIN:: and my stupid heartburn last night. I'm the pregnant one, he's totally getting up next time, not me.

5. Aaawww, so happy that my little bugger just stopped playing to crawl over and give me a hug and kiss. That boy is so sweet. (right now at least)

6. Just remembered the Schwan man is coming today (yay, more french toast sticks!) It's the little things that keep me going! I know I'm pathetic.

7. Just read this list and can't believe I'm actually posting it. What is going on with me?

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