June 17, 2009

Trying out a few new things.

At one point, I was so good about documenting each and every one of Bryce's milestones. I had this great little calendar for baby's first year with all kinds of "baby's first" stickers and all that jazz. These days, I barely even take pictures of this poor kid anymore. I feel bad for baby #2 because there's probably going to be little to no evidence that he/she ever existed at the rate I'm going.

So here is my attempt to catch up (at least for the last few weeks). This boy has been busy! He has been enjoying our time outside and getting a little braver to try some new things. It was nice and hot the other day so we filled up his pool and let him go to town.
What this picture doesn't show is that we actually bathed him in this instead of putting him in the bath that night.

I made cocoa wheats for breakfast and he really seemed to like them. I figured this wasn't too messy, so I gave him the spoon and let him figure out how to feed himself. He didn't do too bad!

Yesterday we went to the beach down the road. Besides a sand box, Bryce has never been in the sand before, so I wasn't sure what he would think. After his first bite of sand, he seemed to enjoy himself. He went crazy when I put him in the water and he crawled like he's been around water forever. He LOVED it! Look at his farmer tan and little boobies. Like father, like son.

As my previous post mentioned, he's been giving walking a try. This picture cracks me up because he was on his way down. Look at his face :) Maybe it's so funny because of his chubby belly hanging out? Either way...
Last weekend he kissed the rocking chair on one of his attempts to walk and ended up with a black eye. Talk about feeling like white trash. I assumed someone would call CPS on me for beating my child, so I felt the need to explain myself everywhere we went this week. "He is learning how to walk and he's not very good yet!" This is my bruiser looking much better. He prefers to keep his shades on so no one notices.

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Gina said...

Hey Chickee! Sorry I missed lunch. I'm sure the others told you what an airhead I've been lately! Next time I'll pin a note to my shirt so maybe I remember! (I'll probably forget what the note means.)
Looks like Bryce is keeping you on your toes. Take care and I hope I'll make the next lunch date :-)